Let’s go Naked - No packaging Deodorant

I knew that plastic is big problem and there’s this big hullabaloo of using less plastic, but I must say I was totally oblivious to the fact how serious this problem actually is.  When I attended the LUSH Turning the Tide talk, I was disillusioned and saddened by the fact that plastic is taking over our planet. If you want to read more about why I decided to start using Naked products, check out my Let’s go Naked blog post here.


This week under the radar is the Aromaco Solid Deodorant - it is ideal for those who doesn't want to use a traditional deodorant or antiperspirant with all those chemicals in it.  And even though it’s great to use under your armpits, you can use it all over your body.

Lush Aromaco-2.jpg

This solid deodorant is packed full of gentle, natural ingredients to keep you feeling fresh. Utilise the power of absorbent sodium bicarbonate and witch hazel to stay dry, while antibacterial chamomile vinegar and cooling, fragrant patchouli keep you smelling sweet. Think of Aromaco as a roll on deodorant without the extra packaging.


It has a patchouli smell and at first I didn’t like it, but now that I am used to it, I love it.  It is a hard solid bar with a waxy feel to it.


It keeps me fresh and dry all day.


How to use:


  1. Make sure you body is clean

  2. Wet the bar a little bit

  3. Simply rub under clean, dry armpits and you’re ready to go.


*Top Tips:

To keep Aromaco fresher for longer keep it in it’s wrapper or in a reusable box.

Wet the bar, before rubbing on armpits.


Price: R72.50/100g